Any Students with a Latex Allergy?

Today is actually my FIRST day with students. Let's hope I live to post more freebies. It should be an interesting first day. Not really sure what to expect. I have 4 returning students and 4 new students. 

One of my new students has a latex allergy. I've lucked out with allergies in my 4 years. I've had one student with Celiacs and now a latex allergy.

I whipped up this poster really quickly to display on our bathroom door so that anyone who may be helping the child in there will know about the allergy and which gloves to use. 

The download file does not have a name on it (obviously), but it does have a black line so you can fill in a name. If you laminate this you could use it year after year!


  1. How neat! My daughter has a latex allergy. Thankfully it is an "easier" allergy to deal with (or rather avoid). My biggest worry is either gloves or balloons. But usually teachers are good to help. (And thankfully she is good about saying, "I can't touch that".

    Latex allergy is more then gloves and balloons there are over 40,000 consumer products made of natural rubber latex the link is to the American latex allergy association a great resource

  3. I hope that you really take the time to research this allergy as it can be deadly. It is so much more than just being touched by a glove. If you have something with latex in your home it can become air born. Please do your research!!!