Meet Jennifer from Simply Kinder

Hi.. I am Jennifer from Simply Kinder!  Very excited to be sharing some of my real life with you!

Here is a picture of my family on a recent trip to Disneyland.  We go every year for my birthday with some friends and it really is what we look forward to all year!  I secretly want to work at Disneyland.. dipping corn dogs, cutting silhouettes, or pushing the Matterhorn button would be just fine with me.  (Ok - being a princess would be fun too!)

I was born in Sunnyvale, California and I have to say even though I have lived in AZ since my teen years, I would say I am 100% a California girl.  I love ocean!  It's so peaceful!  I want to move closer to an ocean one day for sure!  Here's a picture of my two boys at the beach a few weeks ago!

Ok.. one unknown thing about me... OMGoodnes.... I grew up at the drag strip!  LOL.  My high school car was a '71 Chevelle!  So... when I was a Senior in high school I won a big event and was actually interviewed on ESPN and it aired!  LOL.  It was SO embarrassing!    Here's a picture of my racing family... miss those days (but honestly I married the man behind me so we are still very connected to this world!)

My life now is teaching and sharing my classroom with the world!  I have taught for goodness 12 years with most of those in kinder which is where my hear 100% is!  I am so thankful to have the online piece in my life though!  Getting to meet people all over the world and see pictures of them using my resources in my classroom is what keeps me going day in and day out!   So stop by Simply Kinder to read all about it!

So here's a freebie for right now... Thanksgiving Snap Cube Center!  I love these centers because it gets the kids counting and constructing and really thinking!

Ok.. I am off to pack! We are off to the North Pole this weekend to meet Santa!  There's a magic portal about 2 hours from our home!  Very excited!


  1. Love your post Jennifer! Have fun at the North Pole!
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  2. What a sweet family!! Your trip sounds like fun!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  3. I absolutely LOVE that picture of you and your family!
    Annie :)

  4. Love you high school car! My husband had a 69 Chevelle. Your post brings back many good memories! :)