Meet Caitlin from Kindergarten Smiles

Hi all!! I am Caitlin from Kindergarten Smiles! I have been blogging for a little over 2 years now and love it!! I just wish I had the time to blog more often!! I have been teaching kindergarten for 7 years and even though I occasionally consider moving to first grade, I am not sure if I ever will!! I love my kindergartners! 
I am SO honored to be a part of Freebielicious...let me tell you..these are some of the best ladies EVER!! I have actually never met any of them in 'real life' yet, but I definitely will be soon and I can't wait!!

So, a little bit about me...I definitely have this thing called FOMO (fear of missing out) and this especially applies to anything to do with my family! I don't want them to do anything without me! It actually used to be worse...I couldn't even miss trips to Costco ;)
I have 3 sisters- Meghan, Colleen, and Bridget
and I became an aunt 10 months ago! I have a beautiful niece named Savanna who I am extremely obsessed with!
I am also obsessed with college football!! I went to Auburn University (War Eagle!) and I make sure to go back for at least one football game every season. I just went up last weekend and saw the best game EVER!! We played Georgia and it literally came down to the last 28 seconds. Never been so nervous in my life---and we won!! Look at all this orange...we have the best fans/family!!

Here are some other random facts about me:
- My favorite food is tacos
- I love cupcakes! Like REAL cupcakes (Magnolia bakery or Georgetown cupcakes..YUM!!)
- Played soccer and swam my entire life! Even went to high school state finals in both (and won in soccer). Also ran track--half mile was my thing :)
- Still lock my door when I go to sleep..not sure what I am afraid of haha
- LOVE my church
- My weekends usually consist of catching up on TIVO!
- Favorite color is yellow but I won't eat any yellow candies or gummies...yuck!
- I've always wanted my nickname to be CC (Cici) come on people...start calling me that! ;)
- I have an awful memory but then sometimes I can remember exact conversations/phone's weird!
- Didn't wear any makeup til my freshman year of college--and still don't really like wearing any!
- Don't love slow drivers
- I wish I could start college over again
- Chocolate milk <3
- If I was a baseball player and had to choose my song to walk up to home plate, I  might choose MmmBop! 
-Cockroaches disgust me
- When I love a song, I listen to it on repeat like all day!!!
- Every year I say I am going to move to try something new (I usually say to Atlanta), but then I never do! So if you are hiring let me know ;)

Are you sick of me yet? PROBABLY!!
So let's get to my freebies!! I have a couple that should get you started in the winter/holiday spirit!! 

Thanks for letting me introduce myself to you all! Would love for you to stop by my blog!


  1. aw!!! I never knew half of that!!! Your sisters are all gorgeous just like you.

  2. Love tacos and cupcakes, too…we must be twins! (except for one thing….Roll Tide! lol)
    First Grade Blue SKies

    1. hahha you just made me laugh!! WE have a BIG game soon!!

  3. Sick of you?! No reading more bout you & I love EVERYTHING you have created...definitely my favorite kinder teacher around!!! :)

    1. p.s I just realized the pic of me is me holding a Magnolia cupcake...yum :)

  4. CC... you are amazing! Move to Atlanta... please!

  5. CiCi...I like it! I'm so jealous of all those sisters. You guys must be your own little crew! Built in best friends. Thanks for sharing about yourself Caitlin. It was awesome to learn more about the 'other' you.
    A Differentiated Kindergarten

  6. So CC...your intro is absolute perfection! I related to sooooo many of them :)

  7. Aren't sisters the best? Great post Caitlin!
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  8. War Eagle! I went to Auburn, as well! The UGA game was the best, especially because I live in Georgia. Love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing!