Meet Teri {A Cupcake for the Teacher}

Well hello there!   It's my turn to introduce myself, so let's jump right in!

I'm Teri, also known as Cupcake in the blogging community. :)  I'm the girl behind A Cupcake for the Teacher!  I have been blogging for almost two years now… I can't believe it!  Time flies!!

I am a first grade teacher in New Jersey, and I have been for four years {this is my sixth year on the job}.  I have the best job in the world-- I love what I do!!!

Here is a little pic of me and my hubby:

We celebrated two years of marriage over the summer… and we have been together for nine years! :)  Matt is truly my best friend, I turn to him for everything.

A few more Cupcake facts...

I have two kittens, Jack & Zoe:

I am a Grumposaur {according to hubby! ...okay it's true, lol}:

I love, love, love to sleep:

And now for a freebie! 

Christmas is right around the corner, so here's a merry little ditty for you!
  The holidays aren't complete without stockings stuffed with goodies, right?!  This pack includes the patterns for the craft pictured above… here's a tiny peek at the back:

Aaand there's a bubble map and writing activity included, too.  Check it out on my blog and grab it for free from my TpT shop!

Thanks for stopping in!  I hope to see you around my place! :)


  1. Love it all!!! I am so very thankful for you Cupcake :)

  2. Hahaha! I love the "I love to party. And by party, I mean take naps!" ME TOOOOO!!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, you are so funny. I love to sleep too.
    Thanks for sharing your 'other' life.
    A Differentiated Kindergarten

  4. Sleeping is the one and most important thing in my life :) Beauty sleep is real!
    My Second Sense

  5. Teri,

    You will always be the Craftivity Queen to me!
    Teaching With Love and Laughter