Meet Mel D from Seusstastic

Hey there Freebielicious fans! It's Mel D from Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations. 

I am so honored to be a part of this fabulous blog. These ladies play such an important role in my day to day life. We are always there for each other no matter what & I am truly grateful for the friendships we have formed.

Now a little bit about my life...yes, I have one...I think. 

This is me & the hubs. I have known my husband since we were preteens. My dad actually gave him a Pinto moped if he mowed our lawn for an entire summer. He remembers coming every week & he never saw me. I asked what time he came. He said I don't know, maybe 9 am. That is why he didn't ever see me, I was still sleeping...duh. And to this day, I still love my sleep. 

This is not a very flattering picture of Bentley (Big B). It's true. He ate a big hairball...last week. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see all kinds of photos of our fur babies. Big B once ate an entire container of wet wipes, like a spaghetti noodle. I know that because he had an upset tummy & threw up right above my head on my favorite pillow. The wipes were still attached to each other so he sucked the whole thing up. He is half goat, he has to be. 
We not only have Big B we also have two other furry brats but they are not very photogenic so I'll just let you use your imagination. 

Here is a picture of my niece & I. She is much taller now. I just came across this picture & had to post it. Yes, I do in fact love the Rolling Stones. 

This is my mom & I...I just love her. She is my partner in crime most of the time. We get in some major trouble anytime we shop...well that is all we do. Hubs is a ball of nerves until I return. I think he has a radar on the credit card. 

Here is a little freebie to get you excited for December & give you some management help. Those little nuggets go cra-cra in December, don't they?



  1. Thanks for the freebie! Great way to mix things up a bit during this crazy month!!!
    Dirt Road Teacher

  2. Oh I so need that Elf freebie! Thanks so much Mel!