Meet Jeannie from Kindergarten Lifestyle

Hi Freebielicious friends! - I want to introduce myself. I'm Jeannie...


I am a mom of 6!! (Yes I am crazy - thank you for asking). My youngest is 5 and my oldest is 16 and only 1 girl in the whole bunch....btw she is MUCH meaner than the boys....and MUCH more dramatic!

 I've taught for 10 years. I've taught kindergarten, first, and second grade. I really love each grade, but kindergarten is truly my passion. I love their innocence and their love for life. Even on my worst days, they brighten my life.

 In 2008, I received my M.Ed in Reading. I have certifications as a Reading Specialist and Master Reading Teacher. I also am certified to teach ESL and SPED as well.

I love the teaching blogging community. I know for a fact that I've become a better teacher using ideas from teachers all over the world! I love the 'give and take' sharing that we have!

A few of my favorite things:

Christmas movies - seriously I could watch these 365 days a year. They just make me happy! :)

 Diet Coke - and yes my classroom runs on it!....and my house too!

Pinterest - I'm a Pinterest seriously! I probably need a 12-step program. If anyone has a pin for that let me know. :)

Come check out my boards - my most valuable asset!

 Hawaii! - I am determined to make it there someday... {sigh} Is there any person in the world who doesn't want to visit there?

I made these Letter Box sheets for my class a few days ago. I thought maybe you could use them too. Click below to grab them!

Hope you enjoy!


  1. I want to go to Hawaii, too! It is great to learn more about you, Jeannie!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. I too am addicted to Pinterest LOL. This is my 30th year in kindergarten. I really just started following a lot of the bloggers and things with the 4th of July freebie hop. I am so thankful for all the new ideas and a way to connect with other professionals that live their lives with littles. So thank you for all you do!

    1. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only Pinterest addict!! :)

  3. Great to learn more about you. Six kids.....bless you!!!! Thanks for sharing a cute freebie!

  4. We have so much in common! I love the pic about diet coke...very true for my classroom!!
    Thanks for the freebie. I love your stuff!

  5. Those are a few of my favorite things too! And Hawaii.... YES!!! If I ever go, I may not come back! ;)
    Dirt Road Teacher

  6. In my neck of the woods, 6 kids is just getting started!

    1. oh my!! I can't imagine having more....especially now that I have 3 teens!

  7. Definitely go to Hawaii! I've been twice in the past year. It is so beautiful and there is so much to do. You will love it!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

    1. yep - so got to make it there! :) Winter makes me crave it even more... :)

  8. Holy moley! How do you have time to do anything computer related with 6 kids and a teaching job?! You must drink obscene amounts of diet Coke to get enough caffeine to function!

  9. Girl! Where is Elf in that array of Christmas movies? Seriously? Could.Watch.All.Day. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear! :)

    I have that SAME poster hanging in my room - except mine says Dr. Pepper. Last year for Christmas I seriously got 6 tumblers with straws and every one of those kiddos said, "It's for your Dr. Pepper Mrs. Loftin!" SHAME. lol. Glad to finally "meet" you - I love you and your blog! Thanks for sharing!!!!


  10. I am interested in getting your smart board calendar to use in my classroom. It is awesome! Where can I find it to download? Thanks in advance!