Classroom Elf Special Delivery from Santa Printables

Do you have a classroom elf? My elf arrives tomorrow for the first time ever and I am SO excited! My students watched An Elf's Story and wrote letters to Santa requesting a classroom elf.

Tomorrow is the big day when our elf arrives from the North Pole! The package even says "Special Delivery from Santa" so my students will know that it is the real deal.
cute ideas and FREE printables to use with a classroom elf
As an added surprise, the elf will not be inside of the box when we open it. Instead, my kindergarten students will discover a letter from Santa explaining that the elf is already on duty somewhere in the classroom. Imagine my students' surprise when they make that discovery! 

classroom elf ideas

I am SO excited for my Special Delivery from Santa tomorrow. You can read all about my preparations for the big event on the Kinder-Craze blog. While you're there, download your own Classroom Elf Special Delivery from Santa Printable set. It includes a template for student letters to Santa, Special Delivery labels, and a note from Santa to place inside of the elf box. 

FREE printables to use with a classroom elf


  1. Thanks for the great idea! I'm doing an Elf in my classroom for the first time this year, because I have some tough students in my class! I've never done one before, and I had no idea how to introduce him! I love the idea of opening the box and it being empty... too cute!

    Blooming In First

  2. Thanks Erica! I know your students are going to LOVE your elf!

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