Meet Donna from Kinderglynn!

Hi Everyone!  This is Donna from the blog Kinderglynn.  I am so excited to be part of this fantastic group.  I want to apologize for not be around as much as I should be, but my mom became ill last year and it really set me back a bit.  It was unexpected but I am in a much better place now and I promise you will see more of me!   

In case you don't know this is me......

I teach Kindergarten and love it!

I live in Delaware and have been married for 17 years!  I have three beautiful children and two crazy dogs!  We just moved into our forever home.  I loved where we lived before, but there was always something missing and I couldn't quite put my finger on it.  When we saw this house and walked inside, we both knew it was the one.  We are still living out of boxes, but our goal is to be unpacked by Christmas.  (keep your fingers crossed for me!)

Here are some fun facts about me.  

I absolutely love presenting.  My husband was a teacher (now he is a stay at home dad and gymnastics coach) and we use to present years ago.  We have presented at the I Teach Kindergarten Conference, Singapore Math Conference, Frog Street Press Conference, Read Aloud Delaware conferences and although we have not presented in a few years, this year we did do the Great Starts Delaware Conference.   As much as we miss going out and meeting people, our kids asked us to stay home in the summer with them and we felt like that was really important.  Sometimes I wonder when they got so big?  It seems like just yesterday they were babies!   Anyway, there is another random fact about me.  I go from one subject to another in a blink of an eye!!  LOL  I am also very forgetful.  I feel like I am always doing a thousand things.  Secretly, I can't wait to retire so I can sit on the couch and do nothing all day.  (Really, does that really happen?????)  

I hope if you are ever in or around Delaware, please look me up so we can meet!  I love meeting people and making new friends.  I hope you enjoy the holiday season.  I just love Christmas.  I can totally do without the cold weather, but there is something magical about the whole season!

Here is a little something for you to enjoy during the Season and hopefully in the New Year too!!  My kids love doing these!

Get those dice and create Santa!

Get those dice and learn your teen numbers in a fun way!

Stop by and visit me at my Blog or  Teacherspayteachers and say hi!  I am also on Facebook!

Talk to you soon!



  1. Oh Donna! LOVED your post!!!! Always so upbeat and funny..... Keep creating and making out kindrers happy and smart ;) see you around!!!!

  2. Love you, Donna! You have a beautiful family!
    First Grade Blue Skies