Hey Friends!

Hey Freebielicious Friends,
My name is Mrs. Coe and I am from the Little Miss Kindergarten blog. So they tell me it's my time to introduce myself! I have been teaching for 14 years all of which have been spent in Kindergarten by choice! I had an interesting journey on my way to becoming a Kindergarten teacher. When I enrolled in college the teaching program at my university was going through some changes and at that time you had to major in a subject area because Early Childhood Education was just an endorsement... After looking at all of my options, I decided to major in Science. I spent my college years preparing myself to work with...junior high kids!
Lucky for me I graduated on a Sunday and started work on a Monday as a Kindergarten teacher and that Monday night was right back in college to obtain my endorsement for Kindergarten! I still remember being so excited at a dream I thought would never be fulfilled... Honestly, I have never lost that excitement. I have been blessed in Kindergarten for all of these years and I could not be happier. In fact, I was so excited to be a teacher I would pretend that I could not hear them call me on the loud speaker because I wanted to hear them call my name again...just to make sure it was real! But seriously I will deny it if I am ever asked about it!
 Because of my time in the Science department I naturally developed a love for Science and a passion for teaching Science to young children. What I once thought was a curse has actually been the biggest blessing in my life. I am the happiest when I am teaching Science to young children. So after starting a Kindergarten blog, I decided to create a Kindergarten Science blog just to give me a little place in the world to talk a little science. I hope you can join me there from time to time. And if Science is not your thing I bet you get hooked pretty quick.

If you need a little Science inspiration just click on this image and grab your copy!
This freebie will be a sure fire way to get your students Observing and Describing Properties of Objects just like a Scientist.
And when I am not blogging about Science I love talking all things Kindergarten.
This is where I share just about everything else! And right now I am sharing cookies! Come on over and grab your copy!
I look forward to another great year of fun and freebies here at Freebielicious!  


  1. I have been asked to help with planning for library summer reading program that wants to read books that lead to science experiments. Science is my weakest area I was wondering if you could send me to or suggest books that kids love to read that have a science experiment follow up. Thanks so much for any help you can give.

  2. You were made to be a Kindergarten teachr! Loved "meeting" you!
    First Grade Blue Skies