Fill Your Basket!

It's time to follow the bunny trail and fill up your basket with freebies!

First stop, A Cupcake for the Teacher!

An Introduction (and some Easter Goodies)

Hello Freebie-Lovers!

I am Maria from Kinder-Craze and I'm positively thrilled to be the new kid on the freebie block. That's right... I'm the newest contributor to Freebielicous!

I'm a Half Day Kindergarten teacher from Michigan, with experience in full day K, as well as First Grade. I am OBSESSED with all thing girly: including glitter, polka dots, bright colors, and painted nails. I also love my workspace to be well-organized.

I teach in a Catholic school, which gives me a unique opportunity to create and share Religion projects and ideas with other teachers in Christian schools. ALL of my Religion products are free, because I know how broke private school teachers are.

With Easter around the corner, I have two fun freebies to share with you (one for my fellow Christian teachers, and another for EVERYONE!)

For Everyone...

If you're anything like me, you have an Easter treat ready to share with your students, but it is not decorated or wrapped in any fun or creative way. These Easter Treat Labels were formatted to print on Avery 5163 labels so you can simply print, peel, and stick to your class treats. VoilĂ ! Let the gift giving begin!

For Christian Teachers...
I created this Interactive Sight Word Reader "Signs of New Life from the Lord" especially for the Easter season. If you teach in a classroom that allows you to share the Good News, you will LOVE this cut and paste reader!

I can't wait to share more great freebies with you!

Chickie Freebie

Need a quick and easy freebie for Easter?
Grab this Number Count and Write activity using ten frames now.
Just click on the picture or {here} to get it today. 

  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten

FREE Easter/Spring Break Gift Tags

I came across an idea on pinterest that I wanted to do for my students for a "Spring break" gift.  I checked, but the idea didn't offer a printable tag to go with the gift. Soo...I made one! :)

This is a quick freebie, but they turned out so adorable I wanted to share them with you too! In this freebie you get 4 different tags.

Head on over to my blog by {clicking here} to get the link for the download!


Fact Family Peeps

Anybody needing some fact family fun? Boy I know I sure did! We've been working on the concept of family families and the interconnectedness of addition and subtraction for a couple weeks now. But it's an uber-difficult concept for little ones ...... So, I knew my kiddos needed some extra practice with this activity.

I made this cute Easter-themed family family math center. I hope it motivates your kiddos to want to work on fact families like it has mine. I hope you love it!! Pop over to my blog to grab this freebie!

Click HERE To grab!

Guess What's in My Egg?

Can you believe it's almost Easter?  Not only is it early this year, but all of the snow outside my window right now just makes it not seem possible!  We had a snow day today, but when we return to school tomorrow, I will be sending a plastic egg home with each of my students along with this letter.
Each student will put an item in their egg and write three clues to tell what is in their egg.
Since we are home today on a snow day, I did this activity with my 3 and 5 year old.  They loved it!

Head on over to download this activity.


Get Your Students to Write with POP!

Swing on into MMMB to grab the free anchor chart and method for your students to start writing with pizazz TODAY!  You will also be able to read an example of writing from an average student that was written after our third lesson on poppin' poppin' words in our writing!  I am still floored that it came from a 5 year old, but it shows the possibility of possibilities if we just provide them with the right inspiration and tools! 

Rainbow Rhyme

Aren't these cute?

Click on the image below to snag a copy of the rainbow rhyme!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The Little Gray Bunny Freebie

Get your freebie pack for The Little Gray Bunny, goes perfectly with The Little Red Hen!!

Shape Tracing Eggs!

I created these shape tracing eggs for my students to practice their writing and fine motor skills. To prep; print, laminate, then provide students with Expo markers and erasers. 
Depending on your class size you may want to consider printing more than one set.

Classroom Management- Behavior Bingo

With less than 2 weeks until Spring Break we sure are feeling the rowdyness! I'm pretty sure it's spring fever! 
 Have you had your Spring Break yet?? If not, you might be feeling like me!

At any rate, I blogged about my Behavior Bingo and I wanted to share it with you! For it to work, I usually choose one behavior that I find my students are having a tough time with and let them know that I'm looking for it. My kiddos are having a super hard time transitioning quietly this time of year. I'm pretty sure I'm running a circus ;) We need several reminds to transition quietly and quickly, so now we are going to be rewarded for doing it correctly.  Head on over to my blog to see how it works!


FREE Roll, Say, Color Sight Words

This is a simple activity that can be used in a center or sent home for extra practice. Students will roll a die. Then, they will find the word with the matching number. Finally, the students will say and color the sight word.

Click on over to my blog to grab this freebie and learn more about it.