100th Day of School Super Hero Cape Project Freebie

Do you have plans for the 100th day of school?  Last year, I decided I would NOT do the same thing I do year after year and knew I needed to make some plans to change it up a bit.  Well, that was an understatement, I changed it up and all around and made memories with my students that they will  never forget by implementing the 100th Day Cape Project.
It is a unique way to involve families in the 100th Day with a family project they won't soon forget.  Swing on into MMMB to grab the free letter that can get you and your classroom started with this project!


  1. We did these last year, and our students LOVED them! I bought your packet to go along with these, and we're planning to do them again this year as well. Thanks for being so creative!

  2. Aww, thanks! Glad you enjoyed the activity, I know my students did as well! Krissy Miner

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