Using Snowmen To Practice Standard And Nonstandard Units Of Measurement

Hi everyone! This is Kristen from A Day In First Grade. I'm so honored and excited to join the girls here at Freebielicious. Today I would love to share a really fun and engaging math freebie with you. This past week my class has been working on standard and nonstandard units of measurement. I love teaching this skill because there are so many fun, engaging activities you can do with your students. 

To tie into our current theme of "winter," I created an activity where my students measured three different objects in our classroom with rulers and also with snowmen!

I gave my students snowmen pieces, rulers, and recording sheets. I then partnered them up and had them measure three different objects in the room. They had a blast measuring each other!
 They also loved measuring our rug and other classroom materials.
 After they measured their objects in snowmen and then in inches, they recorded their findings on their recording sheet. 
To grab this freebie and to read more about the activity, head over to my blog! Simply click on my blog button to get taken there!