3 Cheer for Dr. Jean's Cheers! here from
I have an amazing freebie everyone is going to want!
Every teacher in
 Pre-k- K- first 
use and adore Dr. Jean.
Her fantastic cheer create a positive environment.

These cheers work.
They make the classroom a FUN.
And the little learners!
I was blessed to be able to recreate Dr. Jean's Cheer Cards for everyone!
All her classic cheer cards received new fonts, new graphics, and a new feel...
and they are also easier to cut apart.

Click on the picture or {here} to grab these cheer cards... absolutely FREE.


  1. I've been looking for cheer cards! Thank you so so much!

  2. What an awesome freebie!! I had been wanting these cheer cards and to have them all and so well done AND for free? What a blessing!! Thank you!!!

  3. Dr. Jean IS totally awesome! I have been to several of her workshops and you can't help but be inspired to do better after spending the day with her! Thanks for making these cheer cards so cute and sharing them for FREE! Love it!

  4. We started using these cards last year, and the kids just LOVED them! We printed them, glued them on bright index cards, laminated them, and hung them on a binder ring. They hang on the back of our easel in the group area, where we see them every day. We find so many uses for them! Thanks for sharing!