Summer Fun Ideas Packet!

Last year I put together this freebie of summer fun ideas. I print out this packet and stick it in a sand bucket with some other goodies for my kiddos at the end of the year. I teach a small special education class so I tend to splurge a little bit on gifts since I only have to purchase 8, not 28! [It's a perk in my book!]

This years bucket includes:

- Summer Fun Packet
- $1 Book from Scholastic
- stickers (came with Scholastic order)
- 1 splash ball
- 1 container of bubbles
- 1 glow stick/wand
- 1 pack of stamps
- 1 pack of flash cards (differentiated for each child based on need)
If you downloaded this freebie last year, make sure you snag the updated copy! {click here}

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