Fun with Penguins

Hi ya’ll! Mrs. Hoffer here!! I just wanted to drop by and share a freebie and some activities for you to do with your students this week!
One of my favorite things to do is talk about blubber!! I take two ziplock bags, turn one inside out. Then put crisco between them. I let the kids dunk their hands in ice water with and without the “blubber” .
We also like to watch the penguins on the SmartBoard. We found a rookery at the
They are so funny and the kids are fascinated!! (This little guy liked the camera and was constantly peeking at it!)
2013-01-09 10.33.12

One of their favorites is to see if they are taller or shorter than an Emperor Penguin. I traced a big old penguin on black paper. We keep track with tally marks on the board, on who is taller and who is shorter.
2013-01-09 14.53.47

Then I have this freebie over at TeachersPayTeacher. My kids love it too! This is a splash game! The kids draw a card, read or identify the number. If they identify right, they get to keep it. If it is wrong, they have to put it back in the pile. If they draw a splash card, they have to turn all their cards back in!

Well I am off! I have to finish getting ready for tomorrow! See ya soon!!!
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  1. That penguin video is so cool! I bet the students really do love that! These are great ideas for a penguin unit! :)