Winter Cookie Tray Sampler Pack!

Did you start to wonder whether or not I was still apart of this wonderful blog?! It's been FOREVER since I've posted something. But I'm super excited to share this freebie with you. If you follow my blog or my facebook page you've heard all about my cookie tray activities that I use in the classroom.

I started cookie trays in my classroom the beginning of October. I was so happy with how well they worked! I have 3 students in my room during the time that we do these. I set out 4 different activities that are completed on cookie trays and we rotate through them. I have one student who typically works faster than the other too, hence the reason for 3 kids, 4 activities. They have to complete a minimum of 3 trays, but most days they each do all four. I wrote a more detailed post about them {here} on my blog.

I currently have 4 different packs of cookie tray activities available for purchase in my TpT store, but then it hit me. I need to offer a sampler pack! What if someone isn't sure they want to try these in my classroom? So I pulled 4 different activities from my Winter Cookie Tray Activities and put them in a sampler pack. Give them a whirl with your students and if they're a hit you won't be disappointed with purchasing the full pack!

Click {here} to download this freebie from my TpT store. Click the "cookie trays" category in my store to see the other available items.

I hope you'll enjoy them!

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