10 More Days Until Lucky the Leprechaun Arrives-Prepare Your Classroom!

St. Patrick's Day
is almost here!  A few years ago, I got tired of all the mischief the leprechauns caused and the traps all over the classroom (not to mention the chaos that was created first thing when students arrived), so I came up with the fictitious character that every child grows to love (although they never actually see him): Lucky the LeprechaunLucky is more about creating magic than mischief!
This is Lucky! Isn't he cute?  He prefers magic to mischief!
I drew up a legend (from a long time ago.....he he) that he comes on St. Patrick's Day eve to classrooms to grab cups (Styrofoam cups) and turns them into hats that fit his head (of course the poem and his plea all makes perfect sense to the children!).
Sounds crazy and silly, but the kids love the legend and love to create a hat that they hope that Lucky will love when he arrives.
So many of my students wanted to draw lucky clovers on their hats, so I came up with a directed drawing and set it up just like the others that my students have been doing all year! 
 They loved it and guess what??? They are all drawing shamrocks everywhere AND they were so happy to be able to give Lucky a piece of luck especially from them on his the picture below to find out more about Lucky's adventures AND grab your freebie, too!

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