Ready to Go Lists for You to EASILY Prep a Magical St. Patrick's Day

I've been sharing the Legend of Lucky's Shrunken Hat for years now so it has become automatic for me to pick up the things I need throughout the weeks before when I am out doing errands and, of course, its easy for me to quickly print and prep the things I need for this project....BUT this year, I've decided to add some additional magic to our day and it had my head spinning...

What do I need to buy for these projects?
What do I need to prepare?
As teachers, we are ALL busy.  It is so easy to let fun days like this pass by because the planning and gathering materials becomes tricky and time consuming.  I knew I needed to write out my plans for the I decided I would do it for you, too
 (of course, the one for me was just on a wrinkled post it note). 
 I even separated out the buying, copying and prepping for each of the three activities in case you only want to have Lucky do one or two of the magic happenings on St. Patrick's Day!
If you have followed me at all over the years, you know I am all about EASY, PEASY, you know, working SMARTER, not harder!
So swing on into Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business to grab your FREE St. Patrick's Day planning guide for shrinking leprechaun hats, making rocks turn to gold, and turning magic dust into a yummy edible green treat!

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