Saint Patrick's Day Science Experiment

Hello everyone! Kristen here from A Day In First Grade! I wanted to quickly share with you our newest "rainbow" Science experiment. 

This past week we have been having a blast learning about Saint Patrick's Day and culminated our week with a fun science experiment! 

To complete this science experiment you need: 
 3-4 skittles for each kid! (So easy, right?!)

Add enough water into each bowl to cover the skittles. Drop them into the bowl so that they are in the shape of a triangle or a square. Try to have your students place the skittles in the bowl so they are close to the edges. Finally DO NOT MOVE THE BOWL!!! What happens next is awesome! We did the experiment whole group so that my students would know what to do and then I let them try it on their own.

After their water changed colors, they drew what happened!

Click HERE to download the recipe card for this {free} Science experiment! The app will allow you to save the "recipe" and print it out! 

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