Did You Win?!

Hey Ya’ll Mrs. Hoffer here!! I hope that you have had a BLAST with us Freebielicious girls this week! I know that I have loved finding new ideas, fun activities, having a little throwback action, shopping must haves and learning all about you!!!

Have you ever been in Michaels or Hobby Lobby, and your husband is trying to drag you out of the store?! That is how I am feeling!! I have so loved this week, and I don’t want it to end!

So I guess you are here because there is a BIG announcement today right? For something like a $10 TpT giftcard. Isn’t that right?


Dang, I was hoping to sneak off with those TWO BIG $100 gift cards!!

Are you ready??

Did you win?

Drumroll please…….

And the winners are…..
free tpt winners
Congrats Callie and Cheryl!! You Lucky Ducks you!!!!

So for the rest of us who didn’t win a $100 gift card to TpT, the girls and I have decided that we would do the NEXT BEST THING!!!

Did someone ask for a SALE?!!
back to school blues sale 22
Don’t let the Back to School blues get to you!! Head on over to our stores, clear out your wishlists and get to shopping!!!

I know my wishlist is overflowing and I have stuff I NEED printed and laminated before school starts!!

These are the girls that are throwing a sale today and tomorrow!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. I loved this contest, however, if you run something like this again, thought I'd let you know that Facebook has blocked me from certain things on facebook because I liked all of those pages for the contest

  2. Congratulations to the winners!

  3. They are two lucky people! 😃

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