Meet & Greet Forms

 Hi friends! It's Hadar from Miss Kindergarten.
Over the summer, we invite our incoming kinders and parents to our classrooms for a Meet & Greet. During the Meet & Greet, we meet and assess our new students, meet the parents, and pass out some important information! Each form is copied on colored paper for two reasons. One, it helps to make sure that the parents know they have grabbed each sheet. It's easier to see if you have one of each color than if all the forms were in white. And secondly, because they look really cute ;) Take a peek at how we set up for our Meet & Greet!

 First, parents sign in so we know who did not get a chance to pick up the important forms. I copied the sign in sheet on white paper so that the names are easy to see when written in pencil. Even Astrobright's white paper is stinkin' adorable!

Next, they grab the very first newsletter for the year. Each month, we send home a newsletter that explains what we are learning for the month, as well as important upcoming events. The newsletters are copied on colored paper so that they don't get lost in the shuffle and they also look great without spending tons on colored ink ;) These beyond adorable newsletter templates are from my friend Laral at Little Miss Kindergarten. Not only are they editable, but she also provides samples which are perfect as a starting off point!

The next page explains our daily schedule for both our early and late birds. I got the idea to add pictures to the schedule after seeing Lindsay's picture on Instagram. Such a cute idea!

Finally, they grab a student information sheet so we can get to know our new kiddos a little better.
I copied them back to back to save paper, but you can definitely staple the 2 pages together if you want more room for writing.

I hope this helps you as your prepare for a start of another year! Thanks for stopping by!