Spidery Letter Font Sorts

The only holiday that gets kids' excited nearly as much as Christmas is.....Halloween. It's so fun and allows your imagination to really soar! I know I've been loving the Halloween freebies here on Freebielicious and I have one more to add to the mix!!!

I have another Halloween-ish freebie that isn't specifically Halloween-related (perfect for those of us that cannot celebrate Halloween in the classroom). This is a letter font sort I created for my kiddos and I thought maybe you'd like it as well.

Each letter is on a large spider web. I chose 3 letters to focus on and placed those webs inside of Halloween trick -or-treat baskets. Then I filled a spider bowl with matching letters in all sorts of fonts. This activity then went in the ABC center. Next week we will focus on 3 different letters.

It's so important for kiddos to not only know a letter, they have to know that letter no matter how it's written....In today's world children see thousands of fonts. My kiddos had a ball with this sort! And a Halloween basket and some spider webs and you got those little ones right where you want them! ;0)

I hope your kiddos enjoy it too!!


  1. So darn cute. I will use this week!

  2. Thank you Laral!! I hope your kiddos love it!!

  3. Very good idea! I will also be using this with my almost 4 year old to help with identifying letters in his name. Thanks for sharing!