Footprint Poem

Hello Freebielicious friends!

I know you are starting to gear up for another great year and I want to give you a little something that will help you and your kiddos get off on the right "foot" this year!

It's a little footprint poem that goes on the floor in the entryway of your classroom. Parents and kiddos love reading this poem on their way into the classroom on the first day or at "Meet the Teacher"..... it lets them know how excited you are to see them and gets them ready for a successful year ahead! What a great ice breaker!

I originally discovered this poem/idea on the site, Little Giraffes (an amazing resource) years ago and have used it ever since! I just made it all cute and ready to print for you guys!

Grab yours HERE!

I hope you enjoy as much as I have over the years!

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