Bats & Spiders - Oh My!

I love October! I love the cool autumn air....ok we'll let's be honest - I live in Texas so I really need to say cool-er as in it's not 100+ anymore, not really cool! Anyways - I love it -- pumpkins, Halloween, creepy critters.....

Speaking of creepy critters, let's talk about bats and spiders! I love teaching my kinder kiddos about bats and spiders. In fact, it's the very first big nonfiction unit we do each year. Kids are inherently interested in bats and spiders and they have very definite opinions about both. So, I love to capture their attention and take advantage of their interests. Ah - yes! I'm a sneaky teacher!! :)

Here is a freebie for you. It's all about bats and spiders! I've included some graphic organizers, surveys, and graphs -- a great supplement for any bats and spiders unit! I hope you like it!

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